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Raisin and justETF partner to launch ETF portfolios

George Geddes

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Berlin-based fintech Raisin has partnered with ETF consumer guide and data provider justETF to enable the users of the data platform to benefit from comparing ETFs as well as investing in a range of model portfolios.

Raisin has assisted justETF to design and launch 10 select ETF portfolios via its German platform WeltSparen which will manage the transactions and rebalancing of the models. The portfolios offer exposure to various strategies and factors such as sustainability and high dividend yield.

Germany has seen its ETF demand quadruple over the last five years, according to Google Trends. However, the two companies see a lack of knowledge around ETFs persists and has therefore created a need for a single place to offer comparative data and access to make investment decisions.

Raisin earlier this year reduced the fees for investing in its ETF portfolios in a bid to increase accessibility.

The first year’s service fee is 0.33% which rises to 0.43% per annum thereafter. A further 0.11% to 0.32% is added for ETF fees depending on the selected portfolios.

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Dominique Riedl (pictured), founder and chief executive of justETF, commented: “The cooperation with Raisin has produced a convenient service package for self-directed investors, making the implementation of ETF portfolios easy for everyone.

“What connects justETF and Raisin is a shared focus on pursuing the investor’s best interest.”

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