Roundtable: Emerging markets: An attractive opportunity among darkening clouds?

A turning macro tide may spell a brighter decade for emerging markets, but fund selectors face the difficult task of segmenting opportunities from risks and implementing these views within a portfolio

Jamie Gordon

High Res 2023.11.15 ETF MSCI 16 (1)

Emerging market ETFs remain in focus for fund selectors amid high concentration in US equities and the potential for a weakening US dollar over the long-term.

However, with country risk being a more prominent driver of volatility than sectors or factors, questions arise over how to segment developing economies from the contrived ‘EM’ grouping, as well as red flags to watch for regarding political risk, whether institutions are facilitating free trade and the challenges of implementing EM exposures within a portfolio.

Front and centre in these discussions is the world’s second-largest economy, China, with fund selectors divided on how – or whether – to allocate to the market.


  • Fotios Kassianidis, executive director, head of indexed investments and solutions, MSCI

  • Saurabh Katiyar, executive director, head of index solutions research, EMEA, MSCI

  • John Redwood, chief global strategist, Charles Stanley

  • Sekar Indran, senior portfolio manager, equities, Titan Asset Management

  • Robert Starkey, portfolio manager, Schroders Investment Solutions

  • Philip Smeaton, head of investments, Oberon Investments

  • Scott Gardner, investment strategist, Nutmeg

  • Chair: Tom Eckett, editor, ETF Stream

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