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Top 10 takeaways from ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2023

Here are some of the hottest takes from those at the forefront of the ETF industry

Theo Andrew

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Attendees were spoilt with industry expertise at ETF Stream’s flagship ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2023 event, with professional investors, ETF experts, analysts and regulators all giving insights.

1. Investor outlook: 'More reasons to be concerned'

Speaking on the ETF investing in volatile markets panel at the conference, Justin Oliver, CIO for CG funds at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, said, “there are more reasons to be concerned than to look at things positively”, noting concentration in the US stock market, recession, sticky inflation and the for now resolved debt ceiling.

Despite this, he did outline Japan as an area for positivity: “There is better love out there for Japan, if you look at the technicals they are quite strong,” he said.

2. The rise of active ETFs

Active ETFs were another hot topic at this year’s event, Olivier Paquier, global head of ETF sales at AXA IM, outlined the firm’s plans to launch...

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