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Europe’s first carbon offset ETF enters on clean energy exposureEurope’s first enterprise software ETF to launch with ESG screenEurope’s first ESG ETF surpasses €1bn AUMEurope’s first ETF targeting cleaner lifestyle companies to launchEurope’s first global airline ETF ready for lift-offEurope’s first gold mining ESG ETF to launchEurope’s first solar ETF launchesEurope’s first sports and online betting ETF to launchEurope’s first travel ETF to take flightEurope’s largest bitcoin ETP moves carbon neutral as investors ramp up demand for ESGEurope’s largest oil ETC sees inflows as global supply crunch pumps pricesEurope’s largest oil ETP crashes through $2.5bn barrier amid price recoveryEurope’s largest oil ETP sees big outflows amid OPEC and Russia production increaseEuropean bank ETFs hammered as sanctions on Russia intensifyEuropean banks dominate top 10 best performing ETFsEuropean bond ETFs set for boon as mutual funds feel the painEuropean Commission outlines plans to introduce consolidated tapeEuropean Commission proposes changes to BMR following consultationEuropean Commission's Lueder on why consolidated tape for ETFs is not top priorityEuropean direct indexing market to be fuelled by ESG uptakeEuropean equities - a fading region globally?European ETF industry outlook 2022European ETF industry review 2019European ETF industry review 2020European ETF industry review 2021European ETF industry turns 20 years oldEuropean ETF issuers must follow US lead in calling for clarity on ETP classificationsEuropean ETF market flows bounce back in Q2European ETF market review 2022European ETF market shows tax not main factor driving industry's growthEuropean ETF market to compete with US by 2025European ETF market will have to wait for consolidated tapeEuropean ETF market worth €1tn by 2020 says AmundiEuropean ETF white-label market red hot as Brexit barriers boost demandEuropean ETFs break $1trn barrierEuropean ETFs set for record-breaking year despite Q3 flows slowdownEuropean ETFs shatter annual flows record with four months to spareEuropean ETFs start 2021 with record quarterly inflowsEuropean ETP closures more than double year-on-yearEuropean ETP flows display volatility - reportsEuropean ETP launches accelerate in 2021European exchanges suspend trading of Russia ETFs; BlackRock 'strongly supports'European exchanges widen spread limits on Russian ETFsEuropean gold ETPs shine through populist murkEuropean investors can access Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs for first timeEuropean investors cite artificial intelligence as ‘most compelling’ thematic trendEuropean investors demand more active ETFs but performance concerns lingerEuropean investors demand more ESG and core index ETFsEuropean investors pile into gold ETFs as US-China trade tensions weighEuropean investors predict rapid growth in ESG and thematic ETFs, survey findsEuropean investors turn to emerging market ETFs amid weak US dollarEuropean issuers criticise BlackRock for synthetic ETF launchEuropean passive funds drive active counterparts to closeEuropean regulator outlines plan for exchange blackoutsEuropean regulators must align on ESG or risk greenwashing delugeEuropean regulators must not forget ETFs when enforcing consolidated tapeEuropean regulators probe asset managers on greenwashing practicesEuropean Spotlight: ETFs still playing second fiddle to index funds for Dutch investorsEuropean Systemic Risk Board softens stance on ETFsEuropean Union delays SFDR ‘level 2’ until January 2023European Union delays SFDR ‘level two’ implementation by six monthsEurope's active managers getting left behind: Moody'sEurope's healthiest ETF: BlackRock’s HEAL vs DWS’s XDWHEurozone recovery shows no sign of slowing downEvaluating inflation hedgesEvangelical Christian ETFs reject the LGTBQ lifestyleEver heard of African ETFs?'Everything will be ESG' in ten years' timeEvolution of indexingExamining GameStop's 'significant' impact on ETFsExamining the liquidity issues for bond ETFsExamining the 'radical shift' in fixed income ETF usageExchanges struggle to capture ETF volumes from RFQ platformsExpect a bumpy ride for the next 12 monthsExpert Investors: Andrew Limberis of Omba Advisory & InvestmentsExpert Investors: Barnaby Barker of SCM DirectExpert Investors: Ben Seager-Scott of TilneyExpert Investors: Dan Kemp of MorningstarExpert Investors: Evangelos Assimakos of RathbonesExpert Investors: Gilles Prince of Edmond de RothschildExpert Investors: Helen Bradshaw of Quilter InvestorsExpert Investors: Hoshang Daroga of Copia CapitalExpert Investors: Iain Barnes of NetwealthExpert Investors: Irene Bauer of Twenty20 InvestmentsExpert Investors: James Menzies of GreystoneExpert Investors: James Penny of TAM Asset ManagementExpert Investors: James Sullivan of MitonOptimalExpert Investors: Jeremy Ward of CouttsExpert Investors: John Leiper of Tavistock WealthExpert Investors: Jordan Sriharan of Canaccord Genuity Wealth ManagementExpert Investors: Justin Onuekwusi of LGIMExpert Investors: Lynn Hutchinson of Charles StanleyExpert Investors: Mark Northway of Sparrows CapitalExpert Investors: Matt Brennan of AJ BellExpert Investors: Mick Gilligan of KillikExpert Investors: Niko Fagernäs of TaaleriExpert Investors: Oliver Smith of SandaireExpert Investors: Peter Sleep of 7IMExpert Investors: Richard Philbin of Wellian Investment SolutionsExpert Investors: Rory McPherson of Psigma IM