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ETF Securities brings basket to Berlin

David Tuckwell

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Commodities specialist ETF Securities has cross-listed its All Commodities ETF into Germany (ETLF). ETLF tracks the Bloomberg Commodity Index, which is made up of a basket of 22 commodities, including metals, oil, and food stocks like wheat.

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How much does an ETF really cost?

The true cost of owning an ETF is not the headline management fee. Management fees are heavily effected by timing, meaning your ETF can actually be cheaper than the headline fee. But there are other costs, such as brokerage fees and spreads. Some managers like Fidelity and Charles Schwab wave the brokerage fee. And then there's tracking error and taxes to take into account.

Tech ETFs see huge outflows

It's not only Apple. Investors are skittish about tech stocks generally and some tech trackers are seeing huge outflows. Last week "PowerShares QQQ, an ETF tracking the Nasdaq-100 Index, bled $2.73 billion, according to issuer data. However, other estimates put the figure far higher at $3.7 billion for the week."

Rockefellers help charities make ETFs

The Rockefeller Foundation is backing a startup that provides charities with ETFs, allowing them to redirect any ETF gains back into the charity. Rockefeller gave $300,000 to Impact Shares Corp, a Texan group that helps charities understand ETFs and sell them. It is the first deal of its kind.

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