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News RoundupBlackRock renames BRIC ETF after FTSE Russell drops Russian equitiesBlackRock S&P 500 ETF pips State Street rival in Q1 flowsBlackRock sector ETFs fail to get shareholder consent for ESG index switchBlackRock sector ETFs gain shareholder approval for ESG switch on second attemptBlackRock sees ETF assets surpass $2trnBlackRock sells 'limited' number of holdings in defunct Russia ETFBlackRock set to file for bitcoin ETF with SEC – reportBlackRock sets out strategy to tackle racial inequalityBlackRock shifts six more ETFs to full replication BlackRock signals global ESG intent with double ETF launch in AustraliaBlackRock slashes fees across 12 index fundsBlackRock slashes fees on two fixed income ETFs as European price war hots upBlackRock slashes jobs for first time since 2019BlackRock switches index on commodity roll ETF to increase diversificationBlackRock switches tracking methodology on global Islamic ETFBlackRock synthetic global ETF: Investors must weigh tax efficiency against counterparty riskBlackRock talks sustainable investing and ESGBlackRock terminates ‘untradeable’ Russia and eastern Europe ETFsBlackRock to add ESG filter to euro bond ETFBlackRock to add EU climate benchmark to $9bn ESG enhanced ETF rangeBlackRock to close five ETFsBlackRock to cut 600 staff and ‘redeploy’ for opportunitiesBlackRock to fully replicate China A-Shares ETF BlackRock to fully replicate emerging market ETF following SPDJI index changesBlackRock to fully replicate three ETFs to avoid tracking errorBlackRock to launch Europe’s first high yield ESG ETFBlackRock to launch risk-based ETF savings plans with BuxBlackRock to mirror $130bn Russell 1000 growth and value ETFs in EuropeBlackRock to no longer accept idleness on deforestationBlackRock to offer voting powers to index investorsBlackRock to shut five ETFsBlackRock to switch five sector ETFs to low carbon ESG indicesBlackRock to switch from sampling to full replication on two ETFsBlackRock to switch two €1.4bn corporate bond ETFs to ESG indicesBlackRock tops ETF inflows in Q3 as Vanguard’s struggles continueBlackRock tops European ETF flows in Q2 as fixed income dominance pays dividendsBlackRock transition metal ETFs yet to sway fund selectorsBlackRock UCITS ETFs to be reserve for fourth-largest stablecoinBlackRock UK ETF intermediary sales head departs after 14 yearsBlackRock UK gilt ETF hits 1% discount before Bank of England intervention